Discover Scuba Diving

Best experience in the Riviera Maya, a dive in one of the most beautiful cenotes in the area. We chose to do a cenote with crystal clear water where you will be easier to start, even easier than at sea. This type of diving is assisted by a certified instructor who will give theoretical instruction and exercises in shallow water. Once finished your “Discovery” You can continue the full course.

PADI Scuba Diver

After your Discover Scuba Diving experience, we take you for a second dive this time at the reef, perform some other exercises to make 3 both theoretical and practical modules (including the DSD); and we deliver your certification paperwork for you to mail when you get home.

Open Water Certification

You would complete 4 open water dives in total, 5 modules of theory and practice in confined water; we apply a written exam and then we give you the papers so you mail them for your PADI certification when you get back home.

Advanced OpenWater

Do your advanced course combining the best diving at the sea and cenotes: Deep diving, multilevel (table wheel and computer), underwater navigation, buoyancy control, fish identification and specialties.


Nitrox refers to any gas mixture composed of nitrogen and oxygen; this includes normal air which is approximately 78% nitrogen,21% oxygen and 1% other gases, primarily argon. However, in scuba diving nitrox is normally differentiated and handled differently from air.

Side-Mount Cave Diving

It is a popular configuration with advanced cave divers as smaller sections of cave can be penetrated and tanks can be changed with greater ease.